The Value of Training Tracking Software in Your Organization

If you have been on the sidelines in regards to investing in a training management software then this article is for you.

By now every organization, big or small, for profit or non-profit, should be tracking their people’s training and education investment.

It is not enough to send a tech to learn the new version of SQL from Microsoft, hopefully he passes on the first try, and then start migrating your own and your client database software to the new version.

Have you calculated the costs involved? do you keep track of the cost? what if the tech leave the next year? was it worth training him, did you get a decent return on your investment human capital?

If you are unsure about all those questions then you should be thinking about what a better system of tracking your employees training.

The simplest method would be an excel sheet.

Using Microsoft office or Google apps create an excel sheet with the following column: training description, employee, class cost, class time, days employee absent for training, employee hourly rate, exam/certification, compliance related, notes

This simple sheet is the bare minimum you should have to capture the cost, time, and any other detail to get a better view of the total investment you make into your workers.

Alternatively, you can get a training tracking software that will have a much better and secure tracking features, reports, and integrations with third party software like PeopleSoft and SAP.

The nice thing about these employee management softwares, is their more advance features.

My favorite is the tasks notifications and email notification feature that lets employees know if they are behind schedule in finishing their training, and of upcoming training if they want to get a head start. too many workers start their training and never finish. unfortunately this is costly for you since, what with the actual cost of the course and the fact that you have uncompliant and educationally behind workers. So keeping them motivated and informed with their progress will help the compliance rate of your staff.

It can also give you visibility into your workforce’s training performance, how well are they doing and how effective is the course that are taken. This will help you determine if you should continue with the course or change it with another that might be better suited or better designed for your organization and your staff.

Most of them come with a dashboard within learning management system ( LMS ) which is the central interface for the users and supervisors.

All this should be enough to convince you the importance of a training tracking software to help keep tabs of and manage your employees. You can either use a simple excel sheet or an advanced training management software with more than enough bells and whistles to satisfy your needs.

One last thing I would like to add is also the psychological impact on the employee himself. The more you keep tracking of the training, the more staff training will be important to your organization, the more important staff training is, the more the staff will feel better about their organization.

This positive feedback loop will increase moral and is worth every penny of the cost, time, and effort to manage your organization’s training expenditure.

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